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You Can Trust These Companies To Protect Your Data From The Government

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s annual report on companies’ commitment to protecting user data, Adobe, Apple, Wikimedia, WordPress, and Yahoo have your back more than everyone else.

More Than Dozen Tech Companies Write President Obama About Encryption Backdoors

President Obama is about to receive a letter signed by dozens upon dozens of companies and organizations, urging him to resist giving government agencies access to citizens’ personal data via backdoors in encrypted devices.

Hillary Clinton Has a Great 404 Error Page

With Marco Rubio’s Monday announcement that he’s running for President, that makes four official candidates so far. We’re at a pretty early stage in the campaign, so we’re going to ignore all the polls. What we’re going to look at is which candidate has the best 404 page. Read More…

FAA Provides Amazon Go-Ahead For Drone Flight Testing

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Amazon an “experimental airworthiness certificate” that allows the company to begin research and training on its fleet of delivery drones, what the company calls Amazon Prime Air. Unfortunately for Amazon, the certificate comes with some of the same restrictions the FAA proposed in its comprehensive drone regulations back in February. Read More…

US Government Rolls Out New Anti-Cyberattack Agency

Today, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco will give a speech at the Wilson Center at an event on cyber threats. According to the Center, Monaco will “preview plans for preventing the most pernicious state and non-state digital intrusions and Administration efforts to provide early warning about cyber attacks.” Read More…

Google Under Scrutiny From WikiLeaks for Giving FBI Personal Information

Google reportedly delayed by two and a half years disclosure to WikiLeaks that it gave emails and other data from three of its staff to the FBI. This occurred after a federal judge issued a warrant.

Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights, who is a lawyer for WikiLeaks, wrote a letter to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, telling him they are “astonished and disturbed that Google waited over two and a half years to notify its subscribers that a search warrant was issued for their records.” Read More…

N. Korea Makes Threats While Denying Sony Hack

The point of North Korea’s lengthy, rambling denial of involvement in the recent Sony hacks is pretty clear – but the way they get to that point is anything but.

Per usual, broken English is the method of delivery for “The Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK”, which has released a statement of sorts re: Sony Hacks and the recent blame placed on them by US officials.

The statement, titled “U.S. Urged to Honestly Apologize to Mankind for Its Evil Doing before Groundlessly Pulling up Others”, begins by calling the US an “ill-famed cesspool of injustice” and doesn’t really let up from there. Read More…

Facebook Received Heightened Government Data Requests on Election Day

It’s Election Day in the US, and Facebook is reminding everyone to vote with a giant banner at the top of the news feed which asks people to share the vote with friends. By the looks of my news feed, it’s working.

The company has also chosen today to release its third-ever transparency report – which provides info on how many data and content removal requests it receives, as well as national security requests initiated through FISA. By law, Facebook can’t really say a lot about the latter – but as far as the former goes, things are up in a pretty big way. Read More…

GoDaddy Price Confusion Over Premium New gTLD Domains

There appears to be a bug in how GoDaddy is displaying the prices of some New gTLD domain names. At one point, depending on how you search for the domain name, the price will display as one price: but if you search for a .com domain name, then GoDaddy’s site is showing a different price for the same domain name. Here’s an example of this. Read More…

Government Demands For User Data Up 150% Over Past Five Years

Google released its updated Transparency Report today. This is the tenth update, and shows the number of government demands the tech giant has received for user data in criminal investigations for the first half of the year. Read More…

Republican Developed Platforming Game Called – Giopi

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the group whose only purpose is getting Republicans elected to the US Senate, has turned to nostalgic gaming to help with its cause. Read More…

Russia Provides Edward Snowden Additional Time For Asylum

Edward Snowden is likely staying in Russia for the foreseeable future.

The 31-year-old former NSA analyst, who famously leaked (and continues to leak) documents and anecdotes about the US government’s massive surveillance initiative, has been granted a three-year residence permit in Russia, according to the AFP.